Tanzanian Diaspora Community in the UK is announcing an official campaign on fundraising for community building with expected cost of over £500,000

The Community building is well designed as for community facilities, culture and leisure.

Do you have what it takes to be one of our play hero’s? Are you excited about our programme and want to make a difference? Then yes you have exactly what it takes!

Fundraising for Tanzanian Diaspora Community in the UK, you are supporting a grassroots network of community cohesion and development that has a sustainable impact, meaning the money you raise has a long-term, and widespread, impact for our community. 

The impact of our programs is huge; from improving our community cohesion, education opportunities, culture and leisure to increased enrolment of members, improved life skills (from emotional skills to cognitive and physical skills) to the increased employability skills learnt through our apprenticeship scheme in our community building.

If you would like to find out more about our impact, then please check our Impact report and/or our Impact video below. 

Get inspired

Giving and being involved in recreational activities is a wonderful opportunity to do something fun whilst raising money. You don’t have to join one of our events, you can get inspired and do something for your community.

Aim is to contribute to members sustainable social and economic development through harnessing the potential of our members and local communities.

Click the link “tzukfundraising pack” to find out the best way to go about it and donate.

Or donate direct @     Bank Name: Lloyds

Account Name: Jengo la Jumuiya TZUK

                             Account No. 23736968

                             Sort Code. 30 99 08

Fundraising Phase I

All active members to be involved in fundraisings strategies and teaming up of ideas and resources that can turn our fundraising event into an incredible occasion and success to achieve our goal.

Make sure you register for fundraising by emailing so we can recognise your efforts and support your ideas along the way for the benefit of our community

Thank you for supporting Tanzanian Diaspora Community in the UK, we make sure that we spend every penny of the money raised for the intended purposes and that we keep you informed of where your donation has gone and achieve.

“We are certainly looking at achieving our goal within two years. It all depends on getting the amount required and raising the cash.”

“We are looking at £500,000 as a minimum. We have to furnish the building too. There’s a lot of fundraising to do. We have a good sum, but there’s still a lot to find.

Communities form all ethnicity and Local Government worked in the next step and suggests ways in which councils, voluntary groups and other organisations can encourage a sense of belonging. It is aimed at local cohesion practitioners and will be particularly relevant where they are working in areas where building a sense of belonging is a key priority, or where it supports the delivering of improved community cohesion in other areas.



Chairman – Tanzanian Diaspora Community in the UK.

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