About Tzuk


We the members of Tanzanian Diaspora in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in order to form a more perfect unity, first and foremost we will focus to serve and protect the interests and well-being of the Tanzanian diaspora living abroad, while promoting country’s investment potential which are important, but they should not overshadow diaspora interest to harness, protect and maintain their (jos soli/jus sanguinis) birth right either in Land ownership and citizenship.

To achieve our mutual goals, interests and objectives, we, shall support each other towards meaningful dialogues, processes respecting historical avenues and considerations with all levels of governance of the United Republic of Tanzania and The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar while proudly respecting and recognizing Tanzania as our motherland.


We, further expanding and enhancing good relations, cooperation in cultural, social activities and all matters affecting Tanzanian living in the Diaspora by Lobbying, propose Diaspora Policy and changes of different Laws without affecting the protection of motherland resources, National Security and Unity, but rather engaging in providing solutions’ by contributing and investing in the Economic development of our Motherland, to ourselves and posterity.

Empower and support  Tanzanian people in awareness , advocacy of community cohesion and mobilization, that viably contribute to socio-economic development, while promoting, expanding and enhancing good relations and cooperation as above, We, hereby, do ordain and establish this Constitution, bye laws, rules, regulations and code of conducts for the Tanzanian living in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To become a reputable effective community, Charity organisation in promoting cultural, environmental protection and enhancement of socio-economic development for the welfare and benefits of Tanzanian living in the United Kingdom of Great Britain

Tanzania Diaspora Community in the UK, “TZUK” is non-religious, non-political, non-gender or tribe and a non-profit organisation and shall be democratic in nature. The organisation shall liaise with or work in close co-operation with other entities, groups with similar interest, goals and focus; while maintaining autonomy as an independent entity.

The organisation ultimate goal is to contribute towards members’ efforts, aimed at improving quality of individual life, relationships and cooperation as stated above but also in case of bereavement of immediate family members ,the organisation, may solicit family life insurance to its member’s through a third party insurer, among Tanzanians living in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, this will be clarified in the organisation, Life insurance policy from reputed insurance company in the United Kingdom, and offered through the organisation at discounted price with great incentives or through monthly subscription from its members the organisation will invest on those functions amongst other for the benefit of its members and the community. Clarified in bylaws.


  • To liaise with other entities, groups, different communities which can be part of the organisation, and Act as an umbrella organization, where necessary, when making representations to authorities, promote policies as they affect Tanzanian people in and out of the country, proposed and follow on diaspora policy for Tanzanian and people of Tanzanian origin residing in the UK & NI and generally engaging with positive view of Tanzanian in the Diaspora.
  • “The TZUK, Organisation” seeks to be a sustainable and inclusive community for those living and working in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, through supporting economic, recreational and environmental initiatives, promoting and fostering a community spirit by communicating with Tanzanian in the diaspora and involving regional/local communities, businesses, private and public sector and voluntary partners in the United Kingdom and Tanzania or any other partner in different countries, if necessary.
  • Managing properties, (and land) for social and recreational activities, for the benefit of its members and regional/local communities in the organisation.
  • Enabling the creation of new training and employment through, encouraging its members to take up new business start-up and investment opportunity arise between Tanzania and United Kingdom.
  • To assist in-patient care treatment and health care insurance fees to poor families, in order to save life and bring happiness to poor families.
  • To organise fund raising activities from interested parties at both national and international level in order to fulfil organisation objectives.
  • Mobilise members to develop a philanthropic ‘arm’ of the organisation that would contribute to education, health, disability services, housing, and food security
  • Organise fund raising activities from interested parties at both national and international levels in order to fulfil organisational objectives.
  • Enhance the spirit of volunteerism by creating a TZUK Diaspora Volunteers Corps with short term and long term Plan of Action to coordinate Diaspora’s participation in emergency relief activities and other provision of other assistance as required
  • Collect and disseminate information, educate and inform on all matters affecting the purposes of TZUK Diaspora, through conventions, seminars, workshops, meetings and other means of publicity including electronic media.
  • To promote social and economic relations between members across the UK & NI, and between members and distinguished visitors and High-Level delegations from Tanzania, with interests relevant to the members;
  • (vi)  To co-operate with or become affiliated to and contribute to the activities of likeminded institutions, societies, associations, or companies pursuing objectives the attainment of which may be of benefit to the members
  •  To do any or all such things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives.
  • Empowers and build capacity for its members’
  • Acts as the peak organisation to the members’ communities.